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<p>I"ve been tinkering on a project I have been thinking about for a couple of weeks.</p> <p>The idea involves running a small http server on the android platform.</p> <p>A lot of fun and interesting work has been done in this area, including a version of apache that runs on android.</p> <p>There's only one problem I'm running in to; most mobile carriers use their own (internal) sub networks for mobile connectivity. This makes creating a publicly accessible server running on Android complicated, if not impossible.</p> <p>Network Adress Translation, VPN's and portforwarding are non starters for what I'm looking to do here</p> <p>I'd be ok with a 'man in the middle' solution, as long as the server in the middle didn't actually have to pipe data from one peer to the other.</p> <p>Lots of apps enable a peer2peer connection with the help of a central server: whatsapp, skype, iChat etc.</p> <p>What is the protocol, if it exists, to establish a simple http session between firewalled peers?</p>